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  • Why Anita?

              Our vision is to offer the right bra or bikini for every woman – whatever her figure may be. That is why we never focus just on standard sizes – we also cater for large cup sizes and underbust measurements.
             We come up with new ideas for lingerie, shapewear and swimwear every day and turn these ideas into cuts.

    With one goal: Lingerie you will love.
    The key element for perfectly fitting lingerie
    To that end, ANITA project managers try out our bras thoroughly on many testers with a variety of figure types and requirements.
    The most important aspect of a great bra

    We want our lingerie and swimwear to not just look great – it also has to offer impeccable function.

    Good support, secure hold and comfort without compromise – these are the key essentials of a great bra.

    That is why ANITA has come up with special big cup support specifically for large breasts.
    It guarantees a beautifully shaped bust, excellent support and outstanding comfort – all the way to cup I. 
    Trendy, yet timeless!

    A woman shouldn't just feel comfortable in her bra – she also has to feel beautiful and desirable.

    To do so, our team of creatives has to juggle many factors to come up with a perfect product. 
    Colours and patterns, lace and embroidery, bands and edgings.

    It is very important to us to combine the latest trends with modern cuts to create beautiful designs. We also want to make sure that our lingerie is timeless and elegant, so that you will enjoy your bras and briefs for a long time to come.
    Premium-quality fabrics, embroideries and ancillary materials

    Swiss lace or French woven lace – only the very best materials are used for shapewear and swimwear by Anita and ROSA FAIA.

    60% of our suppliers are in Germany, Switzerland and other European countries! Around 40% of our fabrics and materials are sourced in Asia, which also includes the Asian dependencies of our European suppliers – most of these fabrics and materials come from Thailand. We source all materials used for the production of our shapewear and swimwear products from around 160 suppliers: stretch fabrics, lace and elastic bands, yarns, fasteners, tulles and tapes. 

    In many cases, we have been working closely with the same suppliers for decades and value these partnerships with regards to the quality and eco-friendly production processes they use, as well as their readiness for  creative collaboration in further development.
    From the initial sketch to the finished product

    Our name is synonymous with perfect fit, excellent comfort and outstanding quality. That is why we produce virtually everything – with very few exceptions – in our own production facilities.

    Every metre of every roll of fabric is meticulously checked to guarantee compliance with our very strict quality requirements. 

    Every single finished bra undergoes a detailed final check to make absolutely  sure that you will receive a true quality product made of reliable, flawless material.

    Our very strict quality requirements and quality control efforts continue to raise the bar for our entire sector.
  • Quality & Standards

    Not only the look and feel of our products, but specifically their quality is our highest priority. That requires exhaustive tests and strict compliance with highest quality standards.
    ANITA has been raising the bar for development, production and sale of our premium products for more than 130 years. 

    We do that, because we want you, our customer, to be sure that you will receive faultless underwear, swimwear and medical products from us.