Specialized bras after-surgery products and after liposuction
Did you know that we can look back on over 45 years of experience in the production of breast implants? ANITA develops and manufactures artificial breasts. bra for breast cutting and swimwear and lead to further development Products for after-surgery care and surgery such as underwear for breast surgery Compression shirts and pants or lymphatic drainage bandages that help speed up the healing process after surgery and liposuction. All models are thoroughly tested for safety. convenience and comes in a beautiful modern design All of our breast care products are thoroughly tested by experts. and real users before they go to the market That's how you can truly be confident that Anita care products comply with the strictest quality standards.


What's so special about Anita
Anita lingerie attractively highlights a big bust and draws the eye to the female silhouette, while cleverly hiding little problem areas. Paired with highly functional materials and a premium finish, this lingerie guarantees excellent comfort and a perfect fit. Relief & support A bra that can properly support the weight of your breasts and therefore relieve the strain on your neck and back is extra-important if you have a large bust. Figure-shaping bodies The Fiore shapewear body is elegant and feminine and shapes a gorgeous hourglass silhouette. Additional highlight: The sexy lace detail makes the torso appear longer and more slender. Shaping bottoms Anita comfort shaping bottoms sculpt the hip and buttock area, as well as the waist to perfection and are great under figure-hugging clothes.


Discover the amazing selection of bikinis, tankinis, swimsuits and matching accessories by Anita and Rosa Faia.
The new beachwear collection shines with fanciful designs and surprising details! It’s got it all - from fresh, young designs like multi-coloured floral prints or nautical stripes combined with trendy dots, expressive animal prints and ethno patterns, all the way to elegant classics in black and white with retro charm. Our collection also includes swimwear to fit the feminine form up to larger sizes - from an A to an I cup. These swimwear styles feature a perfect fit, excellent comfort and trendy highlights.


Perfect hold - excellent fit - high functionality
Top-quality sports bras At the gym, playing squash or out jogging – the functional cut of our Anita active sports bras ticks all the boxes. Side set bust Extensive product testing, before each new model is launched, guarantees a perfect fit and secure support – no matter what sport you love. Available in cup sizes AA to K! Big breasts need extra support during sports. Anita active sports bras with maximum support offer a secure hold right up to cup size K. Premium-quality materials and a perfect fabric finish ensure a good body climate and secure support. Experience a completely new feeling of comfort.


Special features of Anita maternity
Anita maternity supports young mums in all 3 stages: during pregnancy, nursing and recovery. The strictest quality requirements in terms of design, finish and fit, as well as meticulous care in selecting the most skin-friendly materials are right at the top of the list when it comes to Anita maternity. Effective recovery The soft tissue on your tummy is not easy to get rid of after you have given birth and all the good intentions about exercising fall by the wayside at first – because your baby needs you! That is exactly why the ReBelt Panty can be a big help, as it gently remodels the tummy and hips after a pregnancy. Anita support concept Pregnancy is a huge strain on the body and particularly on the back. Find out more about the very special efficacy of our gently supporting Anita maternity Baby Belts.

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Nothing is more important than a perfectly fitting bra!

          We have been working on the fit, quality and comfort of our products every day for over 130 years.
          We don't intend to ever stop working on improvements and even more perfection.
        Our objective is the creation of ‘timeless looks’ – never short-lived trends – i.e. designs that look good today and still will in three years' time! And we want our products to contribute to the quality of life of their wearers.
         We have talked to hundreds of women over the years. A top-quality and perfectly constructed bra can not only make a woman's life easier – it can virtually be a lifesaver! Nothing is more important than a well fitting bra!
         In terms of Anita the company, we want to always ensure that all our jobs around the world offer fair pay and optimal working conditions. We employ over 1,750 people worldwide – and all these people have 1,750 families depending on them. That is a huge responsibility!